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    User Agreement and Terms

    This agreement determines the rights and responsibilities of the Internet users who have expressed their interest in investing in NORTH COIN LIMITED (which is called the “system” from now on).

    • 1. The user has the right to accept or reject the conditions which will later determine his/her participating or unparticipating in the system.
    • 2. This Agreement is considered mutual and will provide information services to the user with no need to invest.

    Providing personal information of the user

    • 3. With the approval of this agreement and completion of the registration process in the system, the user confirms his/her information submit in the system and its use in the process of identifying, notifying, and conducting transactions.
    • 4. System investor reserves the right to change his/her personal data.
    • 5. The investor is aware of and accepts that the system is not a 100% risk-free investment. User account is the investor privacy which works based on the user’s personal data.
    • 6. The investor is fully responsible for his/her user account, and its control and access.
    • 7. The system has no responsibility for intentional or unintentional use of the user account by the user in illegal transactions.

    With enrollment in the system

    • 8. The investor underwrite not to use the system for unlawful purposes, that he/she has obtained the investing bitcoin from legitimate ways, and not to involve in acts that cause damage to the system.

    System transactions

    • 9. By entering the account system, the user is fully responsible for all transactions and investments performed through his/her user account.
    • 10. By agreeing to become a system user, you confirm that the system has the right to internally determine the exchange rate for currencies and electronic currencies in which your money is saved as the money sign.
    • 11. The investor is not entitled to request his investment in the system to be returned prior to the designed period of investment.
    • 12. The systems reserves the right to block the account for a limited or unlimited time in case of any suspicion, until investigating the conditions.

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